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Originally Posted by powerslave_85 View Post
I read some Behemoth lyrics, and nothing jumped out at me as particularly shocking, especially compared to many of their death metal peers. This is just more Christian hysteria directed at strawmen and imaginary enemies.
Originally Posted by MetalDrummer888 View Post
i remember reading all the lyrics for Demigod and i didnt see anything that bad.
Both of you have lost your perspective on how extreme our music actually is. Do you realize that many adults consider just the name Judas Priest an extreme expression?

You mention death metal peers. Have you forgotten how far death metal is from the top 40 billboard chart, much less Behemoth's blackened interpretation of the genre?

Blackened.... Read Behemoth's song titles. Read their lyrics. It's all there. In fact, remove the "blackened" from Behemoth and there's not much of a band left. In the context of the original report, 'blackened' music is very much the target.

The question on the tables isn't Behemoth.... it's really whether the occult and satanism are helpful and healthy, for our youth or anyone else. One doesn't have to be Christian or particular religious to appreciate the hate and negativity inherent in blackened genres can be extremely harmful to an individual's mental health, certain spiritually corrosive, especially to those lacking an otherwise stable anchor in life.
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