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1.) Municipal Waste- The Art Of Partying
2.) Alabama Thunderpussy- Open Fire
3.) Rwake- Voices Of Omens
4.) Clutch- From Beale St. To Oblivion
5.) Brant Bjork- Tres Dias
6.) Grails- Burning Off Impurities
7.) Middian- Age Eternal
8.) Crippled Black Phoenix- A Love Of Shared Disasters
9.) Minsk- The Ritual Fires Of Abandonment
10.) Moonsorrow- V: Havitetty

Been a tremendous year so far, with many more awesome albums to come. The top 10 is gonna be damn hard to do. I'm guessing the new High On Fire and Baroness albums will also make a run at the top 10, as far as what I know is still to be released.
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