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Originally Posted by Fe Maiden View Post
Yeah, but they are sub-par by comparison!
Ehh not really. I for one won't miss that in set. Wish they wouldn't have dropped 2112 though And while we're ranting a little I don't think Digital Man is the greatest choice either. But thats offset by the likes of Witch Hunt, Bangkok, Natural Science, etc.

Nice call keeping Between The Wheels in there too, even though they did it last tour (before they hang 'em up they outta bring out Afterimage and The Enemy Within again too, oh and Kid Gloves). Secret Touch is nice, though I'd prefer Ghost Rider to represent that album since it's one of my favorite Rush songs. Dreamline is a great pick, I for one will miss Roll The Bones though Interesting to have Summertime Blues in there, cool though. Opening with Limelight is gonna be a lot different than closing with it for sure, we'll see how that works.

No representation of Fly By Night or A Farewell To Kings, however, sucks badly. Oh and no Resist acoustic, fuck I'll miss that too

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