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Originally Posted by zgodt View Post
When people speak of guitar shredders, they generally mean people who are known especially for playing lots of flashy, fast solos -- malmsteen, satriani, the silly dudes in dragonforce, etc. That shit is so played out. That's why it's brilliant to call the Mastodon guys best shredders: they never throw in a guitar solo just to show off. One of the things I love about Leviathan is that there are only three guitar solos on the whole damn album -- and the first two are really short (the Slayer-esque speed solo in Island and the country lick in Megalodon). They don't have a real long solo until about 10 minutes into Hearts Alive, and that solo is brilliant, and (like the earlier, briefer solos) an organic component of the song.

Like you said, that section in Capillarian Crest is astonishing. A far cry from traditional "shredding", but technically as impressive and musically far more engaging.
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