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Ozzy Osbourne -- Helsinki, Finland -- June 6th, 2007

Just got back from the gig, fucking amazing if you ask me The crowd was into it and Ozzy was in shape

I canīt remember the whole BLS set but at least these songs were played:

Suffering Overdue
Bleed For Me
Suicide Messiah
Fire It Up
Concrete Jungle

Now Ozzys set was a bit short, but then again it consisted of only great songs

Ozzy Osbourne setlist

1. Bark At The Moon
2. Mr.Crowley
3. Not Going Away
4. War Pigs
5. Believer
6. Road To Nowhere
7. I Donīt Know
8. Suicide Solution
9. Here For You
10. I Donīt Wanna Change The World


11. Mama Iīm Coming Home
12. Crazy Train
13. Paranoid
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