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Originally Posted by Div View Post
You know what sucks? When a band plays the same songs at every show for years and years and years and years on end. Why can't they play something off 7th Son or SiT? What the fuck is the matter with the fans who keep saying "omg i wanna here notb" have they even listened to the rest of Maiden's discography? Fuck.

I'm not really pissed at the band, just the fans who get all bitchy and snotty when the same washed up classics aren't played at every show. But I guess the band deserves some flak too for giving in to them. Wrathchild should NEVER be played live ever again, period. This band has such a huge catalogue to pick from and its a crime to have them just do the same old shit over and over just to please the tasteless fans.

More AMOLAD-style tours please
CAUGHT. SOMEHWHERE. IN. TIME. (and they have three guitars, so they don't need a fucking PA intro for it anymore).

that is all.
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