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Originally Posted by sylpriest View Post
I think when the last Potter book and the last movie are all done with, people will move on from it. For every one person that likes it there are 3 more who hate it. I'm just pissed taxes in orlando are going for this park.

Islands of Adventure has a wizard and magic section. Alot of the rides there aren't popular and sectioned off. Why not just add a Harry Potter ride. Makes more sense then building a whole park to it.

And the spiderman "theme park" has the incredible hulk roller coaster, storm's wind tunnel, and Dr. Doom's Fear fall drop. It's the superhero section. I don't mind if they made a Harrp Potter section. Just don't waste all that time and money and land on one book.

I'm sure there are time tested things you can theme this new park around. Hell even a Star Wars theme park makes more sense.
Disney already has Star Wars. I don't keep track of events at WDW but isn't their Star Wars celebration about now?

It's more than one book... it's seven.

Why is Orlando paying for this? I would have figured they would be ultimately be on the receiving end of things.
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