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Originally Posted by ADD
Last night was my first encounter with Metallica, and what an encounter it was. It started at 4:30 when my mom and I left our house to head to the HP Pavilion in San Jose to witness METALLICA. I remember back a little over a month ago I was so surpised when she asked me if I wanted to go and how excited I was for this evening, and it was finally here. The final night of the tour, it had to kick ass. We arrived at about 5:30, met up with my best friend and his mom, and thn went downtown for dinner. We walked back to the HP in time for the show. We got in, spent about 15 minutes waiting for Godsmack, then the lights dimmed and off we went.

Now, I just gotta get this off my chest: I am not a big fan of Godsmack's music, and I have mized emotions about their set, but I'll say one thing: they know what they're doing. They are used to being opening act as well, so they certainly did a good job. Sully, that fucking bastard, I just have to give him credit for getting the crowd going. While he was certainly a bit of a dick(more on that later), he did a fine job of pumping the place up and is a good frontman. Another positive thing; the drum dual. Killer stuff, easily the highlight of their set. Even though I still believe that Neil Peart's solo runs circles around this one it was still fun. And the band gets a bonus for bringing their own pyro too Kickass stuff that pyro. Now, the bad:

Sully, get in touch with things man and stop kissing Metallica's rich asses every 2 seconds. At one point(I am so proud of myself ) he said "I know you guys are all here for the same reason, to see the greatest fucking metal band EVER!" and everyone was screaming "Metallica!!!!!!!!!" at which point I screamed as loud as I could "IRON FUCKING MAIDEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!", for which I was saluted with a few sideways glances, but it was worth it. Stick it to 'em Anyways, also another complaint: the sound was VERY quiet throuhgout their set, and even though they played exceptionally tight it was almost stereo sound quality and we weren't even that high up. Last quip: Sully's speech about "If you're still siting down, you are either a) fucking drunk, which I can understand, or b) you're too old to be here with us cool guys!" WTF! I felt like standing up and giving him the bird but I just bit my lip and chuckled inside. Conceited little nu metal posers But anyways, I give them credit for trying hard to please the crowd and they certainly got a great reaction. Solid performance, but grow up OK?

Part II with Metallica coming next(stick around...)

Although I might have to finish it tomorrow.
Our first teased thread/post! We are moving up in the world!

You nailed Godsmack, esp on Sully's speech.

They need to play I FUCKING HATE YOU in concert.
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