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Fuck Bam Margera, Fuck Jada Pinkett, and fuck this show! Obviously the greasy Hollywood sharks watched last years show and said, "How can we make this as marketable to today's My Chemical Romance loving kids as possible?"

Bam Margera was laughable. "Hey Mom, Look, I'm gonna give myself a black Eye!" SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU STUPID GOTH POSER! You are not on your reality show anymore!

Jada Pinkett? Wasn't this bitch supposed to be old news after Ozzfest 2005? Even she admitted on stage her band sucked. Now she's on a podium giving the devil horns claiming Ozzy as an inspiration? Will Smith must be pretty damn good in the sack, cos she must have been drunken on his sweet lovin to think that she would ever resemble "rock." Fucking James Avery (the guy who played Uncle Phil) should have come up there and tossed her ass off the podium DJ Jazzy Jeff style.

As for Sharon, WHY WON'T SOMEBODY SHOOT SHARON OSBOURNE IN THE FUCKING HEAD!?? Seriously! Why is this bitch still alive? Everyday that she continues to breathe in and out is an insult to rock and roll. I'll conceed that at least she got Ozzy's ass out of a hotel coke binge long enough to record Crazy Train with Randy Rhoads, and I will admit I probably could not have seen him live in 2000 without her assistance, but right after that show, someone should have come up to her and broken her fucking neck. Wouldn't you like to have remembered Sharon then? As someone who did her damndest to keep one of rock's greatest frontmen alive? Now she's rambling out her ass saying "Ozzy's distinctive voice was the most appealing part of Sabbath." No it wasn't you dumb bitch, it was Tony's riffs. And "the Osbourne's" show? What the hell kind of relevance does that have? That wasn't the least bit musical. Only in the worst country in the universe could Deep Purple, Alice Cooper, and Rush gotten outvoted by this nonsense because of a fucking reality show? It's so obvious she's making Ozzfest free so she can have some chance against Ronnie James Dio. She has this complex that people will actually listen to the Dio Sabbath albums and think they are better than the Ozzy one's. Hey Sharon, if Ozzy's voice was so great, then you have no reason to worry about the Dio Sabbath albums outselling the Ozzy one's right?

Last but not least, Fuck every last one of you Ozzy haters on this board in the asshole with a big rubber dick, then break it in half and beat you with the rest of it (to quote George Carlin). Back in the late 90's/early 00's you worshipped Ozzy like a God just like I did. Sure you may not have been THAT crazy about his solo, but you would have slobbered at the mere mispronunciation of his name like the Italians worship Frank Sinatra (not that there's anything wrong with that). "OMG REALITY TV SHOW!" "OMG SHARON THREW SHIT AT IRON MAIDEN!" yea, I'm not proud of that shit either, but at least I admit with pride that Ozzy changed my life.

I certainly hope the Genesis/Heart/ZZtop fans weren't as offended at their tributes as I was with Ozzy! CUNTING FUCK!

Time to listen to some Black Sabbath (the REAL one mind you) and blow off some steam!

Oh, and for those of you about to say "OMG CRY MORE11," honestly, how do you expect me to top that?
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