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Originally Posted by neilpeartjr. View Post
Damn, your palms are that hairy already huh?
Nah..I shaved em yesterday...

But anyway, to put everything in context, today in biology we did a tiny test in which you push your arm against the wall for about a minute, and when you step away, your arm rises up by itself (instincts or muscle memory or something)....So, when I walked over to my bedroom door (thinking about that experiment), my arm wasnt in my field of view. And after I closed the door, my arm suddenly swung up into my peripheral vision, and for some reason my brain didnt register it as my own arm (guess I couldnt feel it or something), and I screamed and jumped back. Thought it was a robber or a ghost.

Go about your business....just thought I would share another one of my retardations.
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