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Originally Posted by ChildrenofSodom View Post
On behalf of all the drummers here, let me say this: Drum solos are just ways for people to show off their kits. Sure, having a cool set up like Peart would be interesting...but for those that dont, soloing is a way to show off their talent. Jeff Plates was fucking awesome because he was going so fast and it sounded cool. It may be boring to you, because I dont think you fully understand that difficulty of moving your hands very fast, in different directions, varying tempos, without a metronome. Though Vinny's was pretty boring, I do not think Peart, Carey, and Lopez are the only drummers that can have good solos.

Drummers like Dave Lombardo, Joey Jordison, Ted Kirkpatrick, Inferno, George Kollias, and Hellhammer dont need excessively "wacky" kits to pull off cool drumming...And I want to point out that the only drummers Brad likes are in progressive bands...SHOCKER!
I actually agree with just about everything you said despite the obvious differences in taste. I had forgotten Ted Kikpatrick though. Jeff Plate is one hell of an awesome drummer and is unfortunately usually very restrained due to the work he does. He ruled when I saw him play for Metal Church. I think non-drummers tend to be waay to overcritical of drummers and drum solos. I used to play drums quite actively, and it's a lot more of an art form than people think it is. I actually find that playing drums is that hardest of all the instruments I play for me to play. It takes A LOT of work and conditioning to be able to become very good at it when you have to play at that level for almost 2 hours consecutively. Drummers are the hardest working member of just about any band, and I think people tend to overcriticize them and just shrug it off as "some guy beating on things". It's really quite silly.
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