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I see it like this:
A drum solo shouldn't be a matter of showing off who has the most pointless percussion in the drum kit they spent too much money on to use about 4 times in the whole show.
To me a drum solo is the drummer's chance to really show off and showcase their skills and talents since in guitarists and singers get to do so all the time. While many songs dont feature full on parts where its just a guitar solo, it happens a hell of a lot more than random breakdown where the drummer just spazzes out. Now while guitar solos are usually a lot more interesting than drum solos, they are a lot more pointless. I personally HATE it when a band just does a bit live where the guitarist stands up there wanking with no backing for like 5 minutes... it's so stupid. However, I really enjoy it when a band will have the rest of the band (usually just the rhythm section) keep a beat and chord structure while the guitarist gets basically showcased for a while. However, it's just not logical to do this with a drum solo, and I don't feel it detracts from the quality of the solo if the drummer uses just a standard kit. It's all about how manipulate it. It'd be like saying a guitar solo is pointless without effects. It's just stupid.
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