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1) Machine Head weren't bad. Their Aesthetics of Hate explanation was pretty touching/cool.
2) Megadeth were so fucking laid back..They radiated "kickass." They are still better than Metallica.
3) I finallly my hero, Ronnie James Dio. I was so fucking surreal. It was all that I had imagined that it would be. And of course, Tony Fucking Iommi stood in front of me all night long. So amazing.

A few notes...The dude beside me said he had seen Dave Mustaine perform when he was still with Metallica...and he had seen Sabbath 10 times (9 with Ozzy and once with Ian.) Not alot of moshing went on, which was good. Overall awesome night. Didnt get home too late. Felt fine when I woke up.

10 eddies.
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