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Originally Posted by DethMaiden View Post
1) No, I just think they were pretty good live.
2) I can't even put into words the thrashin' excellence of Dave and the boys last night. It was great.
3) Indeed.
4) Actually, this solo really really sucked. He didn't use any interesting percussion. It was like "Tom-snare-bass-snare-bass-crash-crash-tom!".
5) Dio made the devil horns and made them bounce around when he sang that line.
6) Some chicks threw their bras on stage during Neon Knights so Dio sang "Neon tits- neon tits- neon tits- Show me your lumps"
2) The was supposed to mean "Duuuuuhhh. You were expecting them to suck like Linkin Park?"
4) and you put down that it didn't totally sucked.
6)...that's fucking awkward. Dio should not be begging for boobies.

I still stand by my previous statemnt that Tony Iommi's solo should be "Shine on You Crazy Diamond Part 1."
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