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Heaven And Hell -- Cincinnati, OH -- May 8th, 2007

1. Sleepwalker
2. Take No Prisoners
3. Kick the Chair
4. Wake Up Dead
5. Hangar 18
6. Washington Is Next!
7. She-Wolf
8. Symphony of Destruction
9. Tornado of Souls
10. Peace Sells
11. Holy Wars...the Punishment Due

Heaven and Hell
1. E5150
2. After All (The Dead)
3. The Mob Rules
4. Children of the Sea
5. Lady Evil
6. I
7. The Sign of the Southern Cross
8. Voodoo
9. The Devil Cried
10. Vinny Appice Drum Solo
11. Computer God
12. Falling Off The Edge Of The World
13. Shadow Of The Wind
14. Die Young w/Guitar Solo
15. Heaven & Hell
16. Neon Knights

A few notes:
-Machine Head don't totally suck.
-Megadeth totally rule and UA might not suck that bad after all.
-Tony Iommi=Jesus
-Drum solos that aren't played by Neil Peart totally suck.
-The "demon dance" referred to in "Children of the Sea" is, in fact, just the hand motions to "Little Bunny Fu Fu".
-Dio loves him some neon tits.
Mortals are mortar and life is the fuse.

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