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Originally Posted by Spiral_Slave View Post
Well according to blabbermouth, the entire rest of this tour has been cancelled!
It appears to be true ... this is what Antony from Machine Men wrote in his tour-diary on their website...

666 - the last MESSage

Home sweet home

Hello again,
I think this is the most boriest diary ever. I also think the tour wasn't a real tour - felt like in army. We never knew what was happening and where we were going and these rumours were absolutely the worst thing there, and it was the tour manager's fault. He just spred negative feeling and kept saying - "this is fucked up - we are going home". Hmm, he was right, the tour was fucked up and we went home but that same thing last whole week. Almost in every 5 hours we got a new rumour and that ruined the atmosphere. And what was the best part - after the first gig we got information that Swedish band called "All Ends" and Machine Men will be the crew on the tour. We will hit the road without pay and then we should carry the stuff of the all bands - FUCK OFF! I don't understand why they organize this kind of tours... It was absolutely too expencive - too many bands - too small venues (to get money enough) and even the venues would have been sold out - the tour would have rolled in minus budget anyway. I still think about why we took a part on this fucking tour... We lost a change to have a good tour this spring because of that. What have we done wrong that lot of things going upside down...? I saw on those 7 gigs that most of the people didn't have our albums but they liked our music - even the most of the people came to see "Die Apokalyptischen Reiter" and "Finntroll" -then we get this kind of bullshit. Do we deserve this...? I think we deserve better that we could have a change to give our best and everything for people who come to see us. It's not fun to play with bad equipment - without soundchecks and keep all crap on our shoulder and all this FOR FREE. Only thing which worked - was my asshole but it was the same brown shit, you know. I think now you got some kind of a vision about the tour, thank you and good night - we love you all.

That really sucks!

I feel sorry for the bands and for the fans of course.
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