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Originally Posted by Spiral_Slave View Post
Yeah where the hell is Undead Son, Wings Of Darkness, Warhead, and I Rule? I think it's pretty cool that they played Tides though, because it's never been played live before, and it's a really great song.
Agree. Too short and missing too much of that brilliant material they have made over the years. Can't still see the reason why they are still doing the BÍC-cover ... it's great song but there is so much other stuff they could do. Rider Of The Last Day, Painless, Crawlspace or Live Hard Die Hard would be 100% better choises. And Wings Of Darkness is like their Smoke On The Water or Ace Of Spades ... it must be played!

Machine Men did the stupidest thing in the world when they dropped "Silver Dreams" from their set, that song is dynamite!

Otherwise the setlists are good and I would really like to see that lineup myself. Haven't ever seen All Ends or DAR but I know how good Tarot or Finntroll can get live.
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