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Originally Posted by ADD View Post
Yeah I understand, that's the bottom line and you summed it up perfectly. With Behemoth people seem to either be down with their black metal era or the current death/black crossover type thing, while personally I like both equally. I don't get though how you say you'd rather listen to Zos Kia Cultus and Dechristianize instead of their follow-ups while maintain you like War Of Attrition which we both know is even less of a departure from the "Dying Fetus sound" (notice that's in quotes because they do not have a sound of their own, for me hard to even tell them apart from a slew of other similar bands) than those other 2 albums were. But in any case, you like what you like. Still though, you shouldn't disregard those factors you listed near the end, because I think they definitely play a role in the "Do I like what I'm hearing?" part whether that's acknowledged or not.
Maybe "Stop at Nothing" was such a disappointment that something better is agreeing with me? You dont even like "Destroy the Opposition"?

Actually, I dont even own Zos Kia Cultus.

I hear what your saying at the end of your post.
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