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Originally Posted by SnakeCharmer View Post

Ok, I think at this moment we are just going to have to agree to disagree about what makes a great death metal band. In the case of Behemoth, I just cant stand where this band is now compared to where they were with albums like Grom. I understand that Behemoth got more popular when they went more death metal in their approach but that's another case of a band I find generic. To me, Demigod sounded exactly like Zos Kia Cultus which is exactly the same problem I am having with Icons of Evil. I get nothing out of these albums and at this point I would rather listen to Dechristianize than to Icons of Evil. In the end, its all about if the music "moves" me and the new Dying Fetus did (however, this album will most likely not be in my top 20 at the end of the year.) It's not about progression, innovation, musicianship or stuff like that. Its simply about: "Do I like what I am hearing?"
Yeah I understand, that's the bottom line and you summed it up perfectly. With Behemoth people seem to either be down with their black metal era or the current death/black crossover type thing, while personally I like both equally. I don't get though how you say you'd rather listen to Zos Kia Cultus and Dechristianize instead of their follow-ups while maintain you like War Of Attrition which we both know is even less of a departure from the "Dying Fetus sound" (notice that's in quotes because they do not have a sound of their own, for me hard to even tell them apart from a slew of other similar bands) than those other 2 albums were. But in any case, you like what you like. Still though, you shouldn't disregard those factors you listed near the end, because I think they definitely play a role in the "Do I like what I'm hearing?" part whether that's acknowledged or not.
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