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Originally Posted by ADD View Post
Seriously how can you say 'War Of Attrition' is not completely generic? It's so textbook death/grind that its depressing. Not even an idea to throw something memorable in there, the only variety is the occasional half-hearted breakdown attempt. Boring and lame. At least Vital Remains had the sense to write some actual RIFFS (no matter how contrived they are) and make a few somewhat memorable songs (the title track once that lead melody comes in, come on, fuckin ace) instead of just the same tired drivel repeated over and over. For me, an example of a modern death metal album that will catch my attention and garner repeat listenings is 'Demigod'. Obviously not everyone can be like Nile since they have their own niche that sets them apart specifically, so I'd say the standard-bearer for making solid "generic" (for lack of a better term, I think you get what I mean though) death metal right now is Behemoth. Very little frills, they just write solid tunes without being exceptionally complex (although playing this type of music it is a given that you must be among the best at simply playing your instrument) and stay generally away from the cliches that grip so many bands. That's what helps set them apart.

Ok, I think at this moment we are just going to have to agree to disagree about what makes a great death metal band. In the case of Behemoth, I just cant stand where this band is now compared to where they were with albums like Grom. I understand that Behemoth got more popular when they went more death metal in their approach but that's another case of a band I find generic. To me, Demigod sounded exactly like Zos Kia Cultus which is exactly the same problem I am having with Icons of Evil. I get nothing out of these albums and at this point I would rather listen to Dechristianize than to Icons of Evil. In the end, its all about if the music "moves" me and the new Dying Fetus did (however, this album will most likely not be in my top 20 at the end of the year.) It's not about progression, innovation, musicianship or stuff like that. Its simply about: "Do I like what I am hearing?"
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