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Originally Posted by ChildrenofSodom View Post
I am pretty tired of the "its pretty generic [power metal, death metal, Iced Earth]" excuse. If a genre ain't broke, then don't fix it. Some people out there like generic power metal/death metal and that is what they are going to listen to. When bands change their sound, they get called sell-outs. If Dying Fetus and Vital Remains still have fans, then why would they want to move out of the "generic death metal" realm.

NP: In the Arms of Devastation by Kataklysm
Here's the problem with that; if I want standard power metal, there's HUNDREDS bands who do it better than Iced Earth. If I want death metal, there's HUNDREDS of bands who do it better than Dying Fetus. Innovation only takes you so far, as does playing by the rules; execution is always the top priority. I'm not saying that they don't have fans and that they should change (well if I do say that then I'm just kidding obviously), they can do whatever they want. I can't pinpoint what kind of criteria I have that if a band fits it I will automatically like them, there's no formula. The only thing would be that it has to incite an emotion and make me feel something otherwise its pointless. Listening to a lot of these type of bands I get nothing out of it. It's worse to feel utter indifference for something that utter hate I think, and that's kind of the situation here, which means their purpose of existing as artists is lost on me at least. Lots of other people dig it, and the band themselves do to so they'll keep playing. Personally though the majority of bands that stick to the status quo and keep rehashing things that were already done better by countless others before makes them obsolete to me. It depends on the style one favors though as well, for instance a death metal fan will listen to any bands he can find that fits his needs no matter how similar they sound in the same way someone who likes power metal will seek out bands in a similar form.
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