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Originally Posted by ADD View Post
No. Dying Fetus' new one is the epitome of generic, and from the songs I've listened from the new Odious Mortem and Despised Icon its basically the same thing. In fact its almost hard to tell these kind of bands apart from each other, very depressing actually. I've had the Psyopus on my computer for a while but haven't listened yet, and am in the process of getting that Mithras. I expect both to be at least much better than those other three you mentioned. Also have to give the new Akercocke a listen, and maybe something else will surprise me. But so far I have to admit the new Vital Remains has been the best death metal I've listened to released in 2007, and it is quite average.
Disagree with your assesment on the Dying Fetus. While its not topping Destroy the Opposition, its a damn fine record. Speaking of generic, I find the new Vital Remains to be just that. Its basically Dechristianize 2 with no evolution whatsoever and I am not very fond of the production job either. I still need to listen to more of the Despised Icon, Odius Mortem and Akercocke to properly assess them but so far I've liked what I've heard from these albums. For now the Psyopus and Mithras are my favorite death metal releases of 07 but in the overall scheme of things they aren't going to be remembered as amazing releases.
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