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Trivium -- London, UK -- April 7th, 2007

I know not many people are fans of Trivium, but for the minoirty heres my review/setlist.

This is the seventh time i've seen trivium believe it or not, i'm not as much of a fan as i was say a year ago, but i really fancied checking them out as this is there headlining tour of the new album, and some of the guitar work is a lot better than on there other albums.
I've seen a mixture of trivium shows, one at a venue with a capacity of a mere 700 people, and in a stadium (supporting iron maiden) that would hold well over 15,000. but this was kinda an in between venue, fairly big but not a huge stadium (holds 9,000).

Anyway, got there late and missed a band called Sanctcity or something.

Caught a bit of Gojira who were heavy but sounded awful, really bassy, they kinda reminded me of a shit version of "Lamb of God"/Killswitch.

Then came on Annihilator, i had only heard a couple of songs, but never seen them play live.

I have to say, they were amazing!!! guitar/bass/vocals/drums were all top notch and they seriously kicked ass.
There set i think was:

Operation Annihilation
Clam Parade
King of the Kill (w/ Corey from trivium)
Like father, like gun
Set the world on fire
The fun Palace
Alice in hell

Next were trivium, there was such a buzz after annihilator, every one couldnt wait for trivium.
there set was:

Divinity (intro. music, some japanese orchestra)
Entrance of the conflagration
Ember to Inferno
Like Light To the flies
To the Rats
Tread the Floods
Dying in your arms
Drowned and torn assunder
Anthem (we are the fire)
A gunshot to the head of trepidation
Pull harder on the strings
Advent: One -Winged Angel (some wierd japanse orchestra outro music)

Overall was a great show, some excellent shredding all solos perfect, the setlist was awesome. dunno if i would see them again, well not until there next release.

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