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Originally Posted by Div View Post
rush. meh.

i heard fly by night and wanted to kill myself. it was the most annoying repetetive shit ive ever heard.

and thats coming from an iced earth fan.

seriously tho, who told that guy he could sing?
I'm assuming you're talking about the song "Fly By Night". Truth be told, the first time I heard that song I didn't really like it either. It sounded too "happy-bouncy" for my tastes. If I was gonna introduce someone to Rush, that is not the first song I would play for them.

As for Geddy Lee's voice, I kinda understand if that was the factor that turned you off from Rush. Geddy's not my favorite singer of all time, but on the other hand, I don't let his voice get in the way of such classics like "Analog Kid," "Cygnus X-1," & "One Little Victory" (etc. etc.).

Anyways, if you ever decide to give Rush a second chance, try and listen to anything but the vocals (or just listen to one of their instrumentals ).
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