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Alright, I present you with "Sava-fest", a full night of Savatage and their projects!

Chris Caffery (30 minutes)
Intro: Alass
2.Fade Into the X
4.Music Man
6.Pisses Me Off

Jon Olivas Pain (45 minutes)
1.Through the Eyes of the King
2.The Evil Beside You
3.The Answer
4.St Patrick's (Savatage)
5.Timeless Flight
6.In the Dream (Savatage)
7.Still I Pray For You Now
8.City Beneath the Surface (Savatage)
9.The Unholy (Savatage)
(as usual, I had Jon dust off some old Savatage tunes)

Trans Siberian Orchestra (60 minutes)
1.An Angel Came Down
2.Oh Come All Ye Faithful
3.First Snow
4.Old City Bar
5.This Christmas Day
6.An Angel Returned
7.The Lost Christmas Eve
8.What Child is This?
9.Christmas Canon Rock
10.This is Who You Are
12.Who Is this Child?
13.Christmas Eve / Sarajevo
I tried to stick in a few Beethoven's Last Night songs since they always get overlooked.

Circle II Circle (90 minutes)
1.Who Am I To Be
2.Matter of Time
3.Heal You
5.Heal You
8.Burden of Truth
9.Live as One
10.Into the Wind
11.In This Life
12.Fields of Sorrow
13.The Middle of Nowhere
14.Follow Me (Savatage)
15.Dead Winter Dead (Savatage)
16.Watching in Silence
I had them do two random Zach-era songs for the hell of it, and to take some songs off Tage's set

Intro: The Ocean / Welcome
1.Turns to Me
2.Edge of Thorns
3.Strange Wings
5.Tonight He Grins Again
6.New York City Don't Mean Nothing
7.Stare Into the Sun
8.Wake of Magellan
9.One Child
10.Back to a Reason
11.Ghost in the Ruins
13.If I Go Away
14.Not What You See
15.All That I Bleed
16.The Morphine Child
17.Miles Away
18.Gutter Ballet
Encore 1:
19.Dungeons are Calling
20.Hall of the Mountain King
21.Power of the Night
Encore 2:
22.Alone You Breathe
23.Heal My Soul
24.Somewhere In Time
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