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Originally Posted by neilpeartjr. View Post
Under the following conditions:

1) You apologize for your ignorance towards the Zeppelin.

2) You apologize for constantly mentioning when you had to take a shit on the board. Goddamit that was gross.

3) Next time you see that hipster prick named after me wearing a Helloween shirt, you give him a hot carl (and Brad has to photograph it).

4) You apologize for stealing my line. (i.e. band x > Opeth)

5) Don't listen to Mayhem.

1) I'm sorry, I will go listen to Immigrant Song right now (my Demons and Wizards )
2) Haha...Better out than in, as my grandma always said.
3) I will shit on Josh, but I wont Cleveland steam him.
4) You > Opeth
5) I dont
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