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Jumbo Dream Set List!

The theme of this is, pick a band of your choice, and design a dream set list that's remarkably lengthy (within reason, no 5 hour shows please)... Something around 3 hours preferably, and make it as outlandish as you prefer... acoustic sets, orchestras, backing choirs, whatever have you, go crazy! Not real strict on this, but generally do bands that have extensive catalogues and history, rather than picking a band with just 2 or 3 albums and having them perform their entire discography

I'll be doing mine with Savatage:
(all lead vocals by Zach Stevens unless otherwise noted)
Intro: The Ocean
2.Turns to Me
3.Edge of Thorns
5.Strange Wings (Jon and Zach)
6.Sarajevo/This is the Time
7.Streets (Jon and Zach)
8.Jesus Saves
9.Tonight He Grins Again (Jon and Zach)
10.New York City Don't Mean Nothing (Jon and Zach)
11.Stare Into the Sun
13.This Isn't What We Meant
14.When the Crowds Are Gone
Intro: Underture
15.The Wake of Magellan
16.One Child
17.Back to a Reason
18.Watching You Fall
19.Ghost in the Ruins (Jon and Zach)
20.All That I Bleed
21.Summer's Rain
22.Memory / Dead Winter Dead
23.The Hourglass
24.Labyrinths / Follow Me
25.If I Go Away
26.Christmas Eve / Sarajevo
27.Not What You See
28.The Morphine Child
29.Gutter Ballet (Jon and Zach)

Encore 1:
30.Hall of the Mountain King
31.The Dungeons are Calling (Jon and Zach)
32.Power of the Night (Jon, Zach, Caffery)
Encore 2:
33.Alone You Breathe
34.Heal My Soul (Jon and Zach)
35.Somewhere In Time (Jon and Zach)
36.Believe (Jon and Zach)

Zach Stevens - Vocals
Jon Oliva - Keyboards, Vocals
Chris Caffery - Guitars, Backing Vocals
Alex Skolnick - Guitars
Johnny Lee Middleton - Bass
Jeff Plate - Drums
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