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Originally Posted by MetalDrummer888 View Post
cmon . . . that is ridiculous and you know it. You may not like it, might even hate it, but it is not one of the worst albums you have ever heard. That is just childish hyperbole.

from what ive heard so far it is definitely not a very interesting album
I wish it was hyperbole, but it actually is revolting. To make sure I listened to Disturbed and Linkin Park after, and they both sounded better

What is stands for (the utter death of creativity and lapse into commercial complacency from a band who once released some of the most creative music at the time of its release) is really what irks me the most, musically yeah its completely standard orchestral metal with black metal vocals. But its so sickeningly cliche and predictable that it invokes that sort of reaction to me. Even Trivium is better than this.
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