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You know, here in SoCal there was never a venue where all the metal shows seemed to go like it sounds The Pound was

Over here tours would go to the Key Club, Troubador, Whiskey, House of Blues, The Galaxy (in Anaheim), The Palace (now The Avalon) and The Wiltern and each one you would see plenty of metalheads enjoying great show after great show. Recently, bands are going to bigger places like the Henry Fonda (Mastodon and Isis have gone there now.)

I guess it must be a NorCal thing that shows only showed up at one spot compared to here where there were plenty of places to go to. If one of these spots would close I know it wouldn't be that big of a deal because there are several others to go too. I know I wouldnt like it if metal shows began to skip Los Angeles because the Key Club has closed but at least we are lucky here that there are plenty of options.

I think Pavo and Bouville just need to come south more often. Migrate south little birdies!
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