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Originally Posted by ADD View Post
Just this week alone:

Apr. 13: Ludicra/100 Suns/Gargantula -- Annie's Social Club, San Francisco ($7)
The River Runs Black/Ketea/Witchlord/Monofog -- The Uptown, Oakland ($5)

Apr. 14: Saviours/Mausolea/The Long And Short Of It -- Thee Parkside, San Francisco ($8)

Apr. 18: Type O Negative/Celtic Frost/Brand New Sin -- Slim's ($25)

Apr. 19: Greenhouse Effect/Sons Of Oswald/Myotonia/Tweak Bird -- The Uptown ($6)

Apr. 20: High On Fire and more -- Soundwave Studios, Oakland ($10)

Apr. 21: Death Angel and more -- The Blank Club, San Jose ($10)

These aren't exactly garage-level groups either, this is some high fucking quality music. So stop your bitching, open your eyes, and get out to some shows
As usual the whiny teenager fails to see the point
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