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Just this week alone:

Apr. 13: Ludicra/100 Suns/Gargantula -- Annie's Social Club, San Francisco ($7)
The River Runs Black/Ketea/Witchlord/Monofog -- The Uptown, Oakland ($5)

Apr. 14: Saviours/Mausolea/The Long And Short Of It -- Thee Parkside, San Francisco ($8)

Apr. 18: Type O Negative/Celtic Frost/Brand New Sin -- Slim's ($25)

Apr. 19: Greenhouse Effect/Sons Of Oswald/Myotonia/Tweak Bird -- The Uptown ($6)

Apr. 20: High On Fire and more -- Soundwave Studios, Oakland ($10)

Apr. 21: Death Angel and more -- The Blank Club, San Jose ($10)

These aren't exactly garage-level groups either, this is some high fucking quality music. So stop your bitching, open your eyes, and get out to some shows Styles for everyone; stoner rock, doom metal, black metal, classic metal, thrash metal, prog metal, what the fuck else do you guys want?
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