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Metal Tours Skipping The San Francisco Bay Area

Check out this blog piece by Cheryl Eddy on the state of metal in the San Francisco Bay Area.

"Since the Pound closed, other people have had to step up. I was hoping that Slim's would really pick up on it, and they've taken some of it," he says, adding that venues such as the Oakland Metro, Bottom of the Hill, and the Great American Music Hall have also begun booking more metal shows. However, he continues, "I've noticed that we've lost a lot of [metal shows], because a lot of the tours are skipping over the Bay Area now."

Immediately after the Pound's closure, the Bourbon Street Bar & Grill in Concord looked like it would pick up slack. Now it just has karaoke on the calendar. The Oakland Metro has had a couple of shows. Certainly, Slim's has put on the most but it's just economical for a 100 person Goatwhore shows.

Extreme metal is largely skipping the Bay Area now, and a lot of us are having to look toward Southern California for our fix. Savage and Insipid used to put on the chunk of those shows here. I count on one hand, a couple of fingers really, the number of metal gig on their calendar. Gone are the $10-$20 just-check-em-out shows I enjoyed so much at the Pound. Sure, LA has them a plenty but what's the point of a $15 show when it costs $150 in gas and requires so much damn time just for travel?
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