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Originally Posted by ChildrenofSodom View Post
Does he owe you something? Its his life. Its been what, 6 years since the event that supposedly changed his life, I think he has the right to take whichever path he wants. Personally, I would like another Barlow album (dont care which band), but I also want to hear Tim Owens' work on the new Iced Earths, so....

How much you wanna bet Pyramaze will be headlining the next Iced Earth tour? This will do nothing except rake in tons of sales for Pyramaze because of people going "omg its got matt barlow!!"

Its obvious he shot his mouth off and now regrets leaving metal, but he can't join his old band cause they have a better singer now. He could have retired on a good note, people would have remembered him for his time in IE and specifically Horror Show, but now he's just going to make an ass of himself. Oh wait, he already did and he hasn't even recorded anything yet.

Who does he think he is? Halford? Oh and nothing screams "badass" more than a giant moth on your shirt.

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