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Originally Posted by theclansman1114 View Post
1.) The Ascension/King of Kings
2.) Metal Daze
3.) Kill With Power
4.) Sign of the Hammer
5.) Kings of Metal
6.) Fighting The World
7.) Spirit Horse of the Cherokee
8.) Metal Warriors
9.) Brothers of Metal
10.) Army of Immortals
Acoustic Set
11.) Courage
12.) Swords In The Wind
13.) Master of the Wind
14.) Blood Brothers
15.) I Believe
16.) The Dawn of Battle
17.) Gods of War
18.) Return of the Warlord
19.) Outlaw
20.) Die For Metal

21.) Warriors of the World United
22.) Hail and Kill
23.) House of Death
24.) The Power
25.) Black Wind, Fire and Steel

Never in a million years would Manowar play this long.
Do they even play half that long, when they aren't recording a DVD?
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