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Originally Posted by DethMaiden View Post
Well, I like Ozzy well enough. And DTH don't suck.

But same principle for Amon Amarth, who shit all over everyone at Ozzfest.
What Daath have you heard? If you've only heard "Subterfuge", you are being misled. I thought that song was cool too, then I heard the rest of the album......

Amon Amarth definitely don't shit all over the destructive combo of Nile/Behemoth, and throw 3 Inches Of Blood in the mix and you've got a way better deal than playing to see Amon Amarth play with the worst of the worst Except for GWAR of course, but at least on Ozzfest you get to see their ugly clones in Lordi, albeit playing much shittier music
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