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Originally Posted by ozz3 View Post
Blackie Lawless has a great amount of great music recorded with his band and he still dares to ignore 80% of it. He could make one hell of a setlist with only couple of changes and selections, but still he just sticks with Hate To Love Me, The Real Me and Blind In Texas. I wonder when the fans and the band itself gets bored or just depressed.

And what is this thing about playing for an hour and expecting people to pay 30-40 of it?

Wishlist for Blackie Lawless:
* Start acting like you care us fans
* Play longer sets to fans really get something from the shows
* Add more less-played songs into set to keep W.A.S.P. shows intresting. Some of the classics really deserve to rest ...
* Trust your new material and play songs from Dominator and Neon Gods. Fuck the covers.

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