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Varying Processes of Regional Interaction during the Central Andean Formative: the View from the Wacheqsa Sector

Excavations in the Wacheqsa Sector at Chavín de Huántar have identified five spatial components scattered in area of 1.4 ha, including midden areas, clustered architectural spaces, and platforms of various sizes and uses. These spatial analytical units have intrinsic contextual differences that segregate the activities that originated them into distinct behavioral categories. They changed over 700 years (1200 – 500 BC), with the major labor investment in the latter 400 years associated with the maximum construction effort at the Temple and with ceramic styles defined as Janabarriu.
Interesting enough a broad range of non-Chavín ceramic styles is present in the spatial analytical units identified in the Wacheqsa sector. This paper intends to shed light on regional interaction processes based on the data retrieved in the Wacheqsa sector as well as published data from contemporary sites on the Andean north and central coasts and in the north and central highlands. A final discussion is offered on the nature of the different social process that are subsumed by the more general “regional interaction” label.
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