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Alright, big rant coming up:

Jon Oliva is a huge douchebag and needs to stop slaughtering a legacy. Savatage was three thousand times better than Jon Oliva's Pain could ever hope to be. I think it's massively wrong and unfair that Jon Oliva is going around playing all these Savatage songs live with these musicians that have no part in Savatage's history (except John Zahner), while the other members of what I consider the "essential" lineup are left holding the bag. I had the great opportunity of meeting Jeff Plate a few months ago, which further upset my feelings on this issue. The rest of the guys are very upset with Jon over this whole thing, because they want to reunite and go out and play those songs together, but for some reason, Jon feels like a Savatage reunion isn't worth his time of day. It's all very annoying. Especially since Zach Stevens is 1000x better of a vocalist than Jon is, and Circle II Circle's latest effort DESTROYS Jon Oliva's PAIN. Pain is right. Listener's Pain.
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