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Melodic Death Doom

I could have sworn that I made a thread similar to this, but I will give it another shot. Can anyone suggest releases for any of the following bands: Mourning Beloveth, My Dying Bride, Paradise Lost, November's Doom, Katatonia, Daylight Dies, Swallow the Sun, or Opeth.

In my collection, I have the following Melodic death, death doom, and doom CDs....(And I love them all)

November's Doom---The Novella Reservoir
Insomnium---Above the Weeping World
Angel Blake---Angel Blake
Opeth---Blackwater Park
Godgory---Way Beyond
Amon Amarth---With Oden on Our Side
Virgin Black--Sombre Romantic

Can anyone suggest any "new" artists for me to explore, in the vein of all of those bands/albums? I want to further delve into this genre, and any help from the people here (mainly Addi, Brady, and Bouville) would be appreciated.

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