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Ordo Ab Chao Review

Taken from here

Madman Atilla Csihar (also of Tormentor, Aborym, ex-Keep of Kalessin) is now taking over the mic for his second stint with the band Mayhem. The line-up is otherwise the same as it has been for the last 13 years –- Blasphemer on guitars, founding member Necrobutcher on bass, and drum wiz Hellhammer. After 2004’s Chimera, which, although brilliant, featured a quite polished production and at least periodic “predictable” musical structures, it is no surprise that the band has aimed for a more old-school sound, as well as a more progressive approach musically.

Still, nobody probably expected the band, or more precisely Blasphemer, who’s responsible for the music on this album, to take it this far. Ordo Ab Chao has evolved into an album so insane, so massive, so depressive, so psychedelic that it’s almost impossible to describe in words; sick, atonal guitar riffs, at times insanely quick drums, and Atilla’s inhuman shrieks to top it all off. The lyrics center around the title, fetching inspiration from the ancient Sumerian culture and bringing these thoughts forward and relating them to today’s political and religious situation. What strikes you immediately, considering these aspects, is how thorough this release is, in every possible manner. Everything is thought of; and everything works so smoothly together to create this piece of musical art.

Musically, the riffs range from slow and pulsating Stoner Doom to rapid and intense Black Metal, all executed to the uttermost perfection, and accompanied by solid bass grooves and, at times, ridiculously technical drum beats provided by Hellhammer who, maybe surprisingly to some, still manages to come up with new patterns, beats, and grooves, after some 20 years in the business. This is really not the album to pick favorite “songs” from, but “Wall Of Water,” “Psychic Horns,” and “Anti” are definitely worth the price alone, and it’s probably only “Key To The Storms” that’s not entirely up to par.

Buy it, goddamnit!

This album is going to fucking kill you all
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