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In the book I am currently reading, there is a pretty interesting section on Numerology. For those that aren't aware, numerology is the technique of using numbers and codes to predict the fortune, or some other valuable piece of information.

For example, one technique I read about is taking the year you were born, splitting the digits, and adding them together. Take the sum of those four digits, and add it to your birth year, and that sum will be the year that something significant will happen/happened. I was born in 1990 (a youngster, I know) the sum of my digits is 1+9+9+0=19. If I add that to my birth year, I get 2009, which is the year I graduate. For my grandfather, his birth year is 1948. His sum is then 22, which adds back to 1970, which was the year his service in Vietnam ended.

I don't want to give any validity this method, but its VERY VERY interesting. It would be interesting to see what some of you guys got.

Another cool trick mentioned in the book is taking the year of an important event in a nation's history, add the digits, then add the sum back into the year, and in the new year, another significant event will take place. The example the book gives is France.

Fall of Robespierre....1794...1+7+9+4=21

1794+21=1815, the year of the Fall of Napoleon.

1815...1+8+1+5=15..........1815+15-1830, the year of the Fall of Charles X.

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