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Thumbs up Your favourite moments from your favourite songs?

This is a nice idea from a thread hopefully.

The title explains it all. Pick your favourite moments from your favourite songs! Or, you could choose your favourite moments from your favourite album! This hopefully will be very nice and a good chance for us all to share our great musical moments.

Some songs that I love right now:

Virgin Steele - Adorned with the Rising Cobra (8:52 - 9:05). Simply one of the most triumphant sounding keyboard leitmotifs in Flower Metal history. Even if the song sucked a lot (which it doesn't), this thirteen second blast of might would make everything worthwhile. Gobsmacking.

Bruce Dickinson - Darkside of Aquarius (5:22 - 5:53). When Roy Z and Adrian Smith start harmonizing together. This is a riff that Maiden would be proud of, and an absolute stone cold buildup to a fantastic finale. Beautiful is the only word I can use to describe it.

Emperor - Ye Entrancemperium (2:54 - 3:31). This was the first Emperor song I heard, and it hooked me from the start. This moment especially - the insane double pedalling of Trym, combined with the coldest, most majestic guitar riff in all of Black Metal History. What a winner.

Protest the Hero - She Who Mars the Skin of Gods (3:02 - 3:35). No one here to tuck me in, so this Shotgun will instead! The greatest ending to any Post Hardcore song this side of the century. Blasphemously good. When the girl starts doing the backing vocals, the entire world will stop and listen to the greatness that is this song.

As Cities Burn - Bloodsucker Pt. II (1:55 - 2:11). One of the finest riffs in all of time and space is unleashed at this very moment. Greatness personified. Hallelujah, bitches!

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Sir Psycho Sexy (5:37 - 8:16). An absolutely awesome, melancholic jam to round off the legendary Blood Sugar Sex Magik album masterpiece. The funky, trippy sounds of Frusciante, coupled with the driving, jazzy, brooding bass lines of Flea make this one of the finest instrumental compositions alive.
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