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Originally Posted by Maiden33 View Post
Yeah. Evergrey bothers me because I've not been too fond of their newer stuff because it's very down-tuned, but I loved their old stuff (first 3 albums) which were never tuned down (if so, no more than Drop D or maybe a whole step), but recently, they've been digging out old songs and playing them again... down-tuned.
See, I don't mind if a band plays in a specific tuning, as long as they replicate that live. But if a band plays in a different tuning then they usually do on a new album, and then decide to downtune everything, its just...uggghghgh! Why is it people have to downtune everything when they change keys with a new album!? It's not like it requires different fingering right? Isn't shit like this the reason guitar techs are used on tour? Dammit, shit like this is gonna make me wanna kick Glenn Tipton in the balls if I finally meet him (amongst other guitar players).
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