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Originally Posted by Fe Maiden View Post
Gamma Ray >recent Helloween
agreed. Been listening to tons of Gamma Ray as of late, been reminding of how good they are.

Gamma Ray has managed to remain consistantly great, and if anything, their career has gone uphill... as I believe Powerplant and No World Order are two of their finest albums, both put out well into their career. Not to mention I was thoroughly impressed by their live show when I saw them. One of the best live sounds of any band I've ever seen, both in sound and performance.

Helloween has been treading thin ice since 1989. They've had their moments. I like a good portion of the Pink Bubbles album, so I won't take off points for that. But after Kiske left it screwed them big time. The band can still write some great songs on occasion, the musical quality of some of their later material is undeniable, but if they had a singer that could actually... sing, unlike Andi Deris, they might be able to reach a better result.

I find it funny that I enjoy all the post-Helloween projects I own more than Helloween. Masterplan, Gamma Ray, the first Kiske solo album, etc... But yes, the particular issue for me is Gamma Ray vs Helloween. Gamma Ray has released no less than 3 or 4 great albums, whereas Helloween have released no more than 3 great albums. Just because they more or less defined European power metal, doesn't mean they're the best thing that ever happened to it. I can respect Walls of Jericho for it's promise, and the Keeper albums for their influence and actual quality. Their career gets incredibly hazy for me after that.
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