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So I am a bit unhappy to see that the DVD still is not done. I know the wait for all this bonus material will be well worth it, but wow, the "videocompany" needs to get their asses in gear already!!!

I'm happy to hear the positive reports about the album. Even the Grapow/Kiske/Hansen project should be great. No matter what Kiske says or wants, its probably going to be some form of metal. We all know of is dislike for metal....

And then comes the ultimate "What the fuck!" of the year for me:
Gamma Ray to open for Helloween? I sure fucking hope that falls through. Gamma Ray OWNS Helloween. Andi Deris is atrocious. Kai Hansen should not have to open for the band that he started! Why am I so pissed off? Because if nobody has noticed, I hate Helloween with Andi Deris! They should have changed their name to Heckoween! No Kai or Kiske makes them Heckoween. And the worst part of it all, being the Gamma Ray fanboy that I am, is that Gamma Ray would only get a 75 minute set!!! What the fuck???!!!


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