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Originally Posted by powerslave_85 View Post
I'm so sick of people bitching that their favorite band is opening for someone more popular/successful. Reality check: Metallica's gonna bring in more fans and money. I know you all like to think that $$$ doesn't rule the metal world, but guess what? It does.
Reality check: H&H sold out Radio City Music Hall in 45 minutes, are selling out other dates in arenas, etc. etc. I'm sure Metallica could do the same thing, but the point is H&H is doing it too.

And c'mon, H&H is Black Sabbath. We all know why it isn't being called that, but considering the guys that are on stage playing as H&H were the exact line-up that created two Black Sabbath albums... yeah. And so what if they don't play Ozzy songs. What if Maiden stopped playing songs from a specific singer on a given tour?

I don't like to see H&H opening for Metallica, but I'm guessing it has a lot less to do with dollars and a lot more to do with the fact they were asked to play as a guest.
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