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Originally Posted by zgodt View Post
Considering that the band is called Heaven and Hell, and not Black Sabbath, it seems the act of "partitioning...into different entities" is pretty much a given. Metallica is still Metallica after all, and their most identifying features -- lead vocalist, main songwriters, 3/4 band members -- haven't changed. I don't think it's completely arbitrary to assert that Sabbath without Ozzy or Bill Ward is just a wee bit more "changed" than Metallica without Cliff Burton.
The main difference I see is that the name of Heaven and Hell is just epiphenomena from a specific set of historical conditions (i.e Sharon being a c**t). It s fair to state that the name may grant the partioning but also it is fair to say that it is necessary to analyze if the name Heaven and Hell is a necessary representation of Black Sabbath or not, i.e is this Black Sabbath or not? Of course getting into deeper detail than just the name.
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