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Against Me! -- Tucson, Arizona -- March 19th, 2007

This was my second time seeing Against Me!; I saw them open for Alkaline Trio about a year ago, but it was a bigger venue and they played a short set, so I was dying to see them headline, and in a much smaller venue to boot.

I was really bummed out when I got to the venue, because one of the opening bands, Riverboat Gamblers, had canceled. I had picked up their CD when I heard they were going to being opening, and I really enjoyed it and was looking forward to seeing them. Oh well.

The first band to go on was Streetside Prophet. I'll say this: It's the first time I've ever been blown away by an unknown opening act. They play melodic punk along the vein of Jawbreaker, Hot Water Music, and The Lawrence Arms. I talked them after the show, and was pretty shocked that they were still in high school! They're from Phoenix, and were called up to play the show the night before, and were pretty stoked about it. I talked to them for a while, they were really nice guys, and gave me a copy of their EP (which I'm listening to at this very moment). Long story short, they were fucking amazing, and played with a lot of heart. I expect good things from them.

Next up was Fake Problems. They impressed me quite a bit as well. They have a really unique sound that I can only describe as country-fried dance punk. Yeah. They were really fun, and the bassist told a hilarious story about getting caught up in a dust devil when he was standing outside before the show. Even though Streetside Prophet were the ones in high school, Fake Problems looked a hell of a lot younger. Nobody but the bassist looked a day over 13. Their music was really fun, but it got a little boring towards the end, maybe because I was so psyched to see Against Me!

AM! came out and the place went fucking nuts. They played three of my favorite songs right off the bat, and the entire floor was a mass of pumping fists and people screaming along to the words. Here's the setlist, which I'm 100% sure is accurate. The first three songs and the encore are in order, the rest is not:

Pints of Guinness Make You Strong
Cliche Guevara
Sink, Florida, Sink
Rice and Bread
You Look Like I Need a Drink
Those Anarcho Punks Are Mysterious
Reinventing Axl Rose
I Still Love You Julie
From Her Lips To God's Ears (The Energizer)
Don't Lose Touch
Americans Abroad
New Wave (new song)
Ocean (new song)
Full Session (new song)
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

T.S.R. (This Shit Rules)
Walking Is Still Honest
The Disco Before the Breakdown

I was kind of disappointed not to get "We Laugh At Danger (And Break All the Rules)," but otherwise it was a pretty outstanding set. They played three new songs, too. "New Wave" was the best one, and the other two were alright. I'm hoping they'll grow on me when the record comes out. I met 3 of the 4 band members, all of whom were very nice. I got Tom to sign my ticket stub. It was definitely one of the best shows I've been to, and seeing AM! as headliners in a tiny venue is one more thing I can cross off my concert wish list

PS- They played "The Wolf Is Loose" by Mastodon over the PA before AM!'s set. Foreshadowing of the upcoming tour, perhaps?

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