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Originally Posted by ADD View Post
What a bitch.
72 Hour Ban. And when/if you return, I expect you to apologize directly to Nemesis. It will be permanent if you decide not to. Your choice.

Originally Posted by ChildrenofSodom View Post

Its a fucking message board...what harm could possibly come from posting a bootleg link?
I don't know exactly but DEFENDENT won't be by your name if the shit comes on down on METALSETLISTS. Nemesis is looking out for my interests as well as the board's. I'm damn appreciative of it. Quite frankly, anyone who cares or enjoys this board should be too.

There's a lot of people that make this community but she (and Yoda and ECW and ES156.. ok, even Bouville) have volunteered for the swinging the axe to keep that community intact. I won't tolerate attacks like ADD's on them. If anyone has a problem with an admin, you PM the specific admin with or contact me directly.
Jaco died for our sins so that modern bass players could be free to play more and be heard.

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