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Reminds me of a story I once read...its goes like this:

The great leap forward poured down upon us one day like a mighty storm, uddenly and furiously blinding our senses. Buildings began to stretch wide across the sky, and the air filled with a reddish glow. We stood transfixed in blank devotion as our leader spoke to us, looking down on our mute faces with a great, raging, and unseeing eye. A message of avarice rained down upon us and carried us away into false dreams of endless riches, like the howling glory of the darkest winds. This voice was thunderous and the words holy, tangling their way around our hearts and clutching our innocent awe. Alone and unaware, the landscape was transformed in front of our eyes. The sixth extinction crept up slowly, like the sunlight through the shutters, as we looked back in regret.

Good story.
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